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Erica He is the Founder and President of Emery Power LLC. She has 16 years of leadership experience in the innovation, technology and energy industry globally. 

Before founding Emery Power LLC, Erica was the Vice President for Innovation Core SEI, a US subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric. Erica has been instrumental in establishing Sumitomo Electric’s energy solutions business in North America, in solar, energy storage and EV charging markets. Prior to Sumitomo, Erica was the business development manager for SANYO North America Corporation and was responsible for technology scouting, product launch, project development in various areas including consumer electronics, semiconductor, wireless communication, solar and Li-Ion batteries. 

Erica received her MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and her BS degree in Electrical Engineering from University College London in UK. Erica is fluent in English and Chinese with working proficiency in Japanese.

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