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The HARDLOCK Nut is a secure fastening solution, it is self-locking and does not come loose, even when exposed to prolonged and severe vibrations. It has been established as a solution that works across industries and applications such as: railways, civil engineering, power masts, heavy machinery among others. 

How does it work? 

Using the power of the wedge, the two parts that complete the HARDLOCK Nut lock onto each other and to the bolts that they are fastened to.  Hardlock Nuts takes advantage of the phenomenon when you stick a wedge in between two objects, it will tighten the hold of the objects against each other.


Lower Nut (Convex Nut) 

The lower nut by itself has the locking power of a regular nut, this acts as the "wedge" that will lock against it's counterpart.

Upper Nut (Concave Nut)

The upper nut is used in conjunction with the lower nut. This completes the Hardlock Nut and acts as the "hammer" that locks the wedge in place.

This unique design allows the Hardlock Nut to lock against each other even when not against any base. All it needs is to be tightened against each other with the sufficient amount of torque necessary to create the locking mechanism between the upper and the lower nut. 


Have a project where our Hardlock Nuts may be the solution?

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Where can you find Hardlock Nuts?

Image by Adrien Ledoux
Power Plant
building construction

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